Sergiani Garden hotel & restaurant

Health & Safety

Important information about COVID-19.

Relax and stay safe with us.

Our priority is always the safety and well-being of our guests.

The new measures for 2021 of Covid-19 in Sergiani Garden Hotel:


  • Visitors will have to keep 2.0 m between each other (except families or friends accommodated in the same room).
  • It is not mandatory for guests to wear masks in the hotel
  • All hotel staff is wearing masks
  • All hotel staff have received thorough training on our enhanced protocols, in addition to training on identifying any flu or virus-like symptoms and following a firm procedure on reporting to a medical official.
  • Temperature measuring with touchless devices available
  • Hand Sanitizing dispenser at the hotel’s entrance


  • Please use the Hand Sanitizing dispensers which are placed at the entrances of our Restaurant and Pool Bar
  • All seating capacities have been reduced, min. distance between tables 1,5 meters . The minimum distance allowed between tables ranges from 90 cm to 180 cm, and no more than six people are allowed at one table, although these restrictions do not apply to families with children.
  • Tables and chairs are disinfected after each use


  • 24/7, please contact the Reception in case of health problems
  • Professional medical center in Malia, 5 minutes from the hotel
  • Modern hospital in Heraklion, 25 minutes from the hotel


Please note that all the measures are subject to change.
We will be regularly updating this info as necessary, however measures not listed may be implemented if this is deemed necessary.

Sincerely yours,
The Sergiani Garden Hotel’s Management

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