Things to do in Stailis

One of Crete’s most well-known and popular destinations, Stalida or commonly referred to as Stalis is central, convenient, and is known for its long, beautiful, family-friendly-beach. The region is full of attractions of all kinds- adventure, nature, culture, and quality beach time. It also has every convenience, from many full-service beaches to plenty of family-friendly tavernas. This is a great place to get to know Crete.


Dive into the watersports along from Stalis beach

There’s plenty of space to unwind on the beach right next to Stalis. But if you’re looking for a bit more action, make your way along the sands in the direction of Malia. On the way, you’ll stumble across plenty of watersports huts where you can sign up for everything from waterskiing and windsurfing to snorkeling and banana boat rides. The sand side facilities here are top-notch, with lots of showers, changing rooms, and even a beach gym.


Eat traditional Greek food by the sea

Stalis’s long beachfront means that many of the best restaurants and tavernas in town are right on the sand. Most places cater to international tastes, so you can order everything from burgers and fries to traditional Greek specialties like souvlaki – marinated kebabs, and pastitsio – a sort of Greek lasagne. The fare in the tavernas is mostly home-cooked and hearty, while the luxury hotels offer more cosmopolitan dishes like steak fries.



Explore the surrounding countryside on Horseback

Stalis is surrounded by olive-covered mountains which offer glorious views out to sea. One of the best ways to explore them is on horseback, and there’s an excellent riding school in town. Expert trekkers lead riders of all levels and ages along the country roads, stopping off in the quaint village of Mohos for coffee and a potter around its flower-filled squares and alleys, or to peek inside tiny hillside chapels.


Go beach bar-hopping along the seafront 

Whether you’re after cocktails or cold beer, the seafront is the place to head after dark in Stalis. There’s no shortage of beach bars to choose from, and many of them stay open until sunrise playing everything from pop classics to current floor fillers. For a taste of traditional Greece, head to the tavernas, where you can often find live music nights, complete with plate smashing. And, of course, you’re just a 20-minute stroll along the sand from the hard-partying clubs of Malia.


Shop for locally-made gifts in the town’s boutiques

You can pick up any holiday essentials you might need in the various mini-markets and beach shops dotted around town. There’s also a smattering of crafts boutiques selling stylish, locally-made clothes, jewelry, and other souvenirs. Handmade leather goods, olive-wood ornaments, and embroidered linen are all particular specialties of the island. For a wider selection, head down the road to the market in Malia.

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