When to Visit Crete

The island is a perfect destination all year round.

Summers are long and dry, with temperatures that can be quite high during the months of July and August. This is the peak season and therefore the island tends to be packed with tourists.

Accommodation can be hard to find and somewhat expensive if you do not book well in advance.

Restaurants and attractions are jam-packed so you might find that is often necessary to wait in line or fight for a free parking spot.

Yet, despite all of this, the high season in Crete is great for nightlife, beach parties, and meeting friends from all over the world.

Both autumn and spring, the shoulder seasons, are my favorite times of the year to fully enjoy Crete. The temperatures are milder, but going to the beach is still pleasant.



Late autumn and early spring can be extremely hot with no rain. The winter period is not long, but it can be very cold and rainy. The highest peaks of Crete receive lots of snow and are popular places to go skiing and snowboarding.

Driving is not really dangerous, but some roads can be inaccessible due to snow and rain. Take that into consideration if you plan to drive around in winter.

Crete’s most important cities, such as Chania, Heraklion, and Rethymnon don’t close for winter! There are still plenty of shops and restaurants open as well as several hotels and studios for rent.

These three cities are home to some of Greece’s most important universities, so the island has a lively population of young adults coming from all over Greece to study.

December, January, and February are not the most popular months among tourists, but if you’re not a beach fanatic, you will definitely have fun.

Is Crete Safe?

Many people ask if Crete is a safe place to visit.

This is a very common question when people decide to book their holiday on the island. Other than the occasional pickpocketing (bound to happen in any crowded tourist destination), visiting Crete is very safe.

Of course, and out of precaution, it’s always a must to book solid travel insurance for your trip.

That being said, locals are incredibly hospitable and helpful, always willing to offer assistance to anyone in need. Most of them speak fairly good English or are open to finding someone to help you that has the right language skills you need.


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